Daughters of a Devious Democracy

On this Centennial of the 19th Amendment  Ladies, Raise your hand: If you are a mother, grandmother, auntie, or sister If you are single, married, divorced, or widowed If you use […]

Mother’s Day Matters

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers & Other Mothers Dedicated to my mother: Wyatt-Nichol, H. (2012). A view from the 50th street gate on Washington Avenue: Reflections of a working […]

A Constitutional Amendment on Competencies

Our society places responsibility on educational institutions and students to demonstrate competencies and learning outcomes. However, we still end up with a President who lacks basic knowledge of the Constitution, […]

Buckroe (From Bill Jones)

Buckroe Beach in Hampton, Virginia, 1974. It is a small stretch of narrow beach in the sleepy Tidewater community of southeastern Virginia. There are blue-collar towns and white-collar cities in […]

Encompassing Death

 How can we move beyond the grieving process when death constantly surrounds us? At Work I started working at the University of Baltimore August, 2008. The following month, City Councilman […]

Call for Papers

The 5th Global Conference on Transparency Research Abstract submission Abstracts can now be submitted here for the 5th Global Conference on Transparency Research. Contributions are invited with a t… Source: […]

Lessons for Trump

Donald Trump received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. Let’s assume remediation is necessary and continuous… On the First Amendment Freedom of Expressio… Source: […]